Alumni member travels to smaller Belarusian cities to promote local initiatives


Since 2011 Belarusians has been offered a possibility to go studying at universities across Europe. In total 300 scholarships have been granted as part of the OESS and ESSYB higher education programmes funded by the European Union. Stepan Remniov is one of the students who received a scholarship from the ESSYB programme.

Stepan Remniov obtained his master’s degree in Hungary at International Business School and came back to Belarus after the graduation. Today he lives in Minsk and works remotely for a Honk Kong based international company as a as financial and legal adviser.

After coming back to Belarus, Stepan became an active community member and started to implement various initiatives in his home country. Recently, he applied for an ESSYB Small Grants Programme and received funding for his project “New city landscape: making visible and facilitating cooperation between local initiatives”.



The main goal of the project is to inspire local communities to participate in local development process more actively. Together with the project team from online magazine he travelled to smaller cities in Belarus (Brest, Mogilev, Svetlogorsk) and met local business owners, nongovernmental organisations and local activists. Stepan’s team organised meetings with local communities, made interviews and published articles online.

Stepan believes that this kind of publicity is very important for further active citizenship development in Belarus outside Minsk because many young people nowadays do not believe that it is possible to achieve anything or contribute to the society anyhow if the project and its implementors are not residing in the capital city.

Stepan Remniov expects that the outcome of his project will motivate and encourage young people to implement their ideas in their local communities in the future.

You can find the project publications here:

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