ESSYB scholarship helped to become a better professional


Since 2011 Belarusians has been offered a possibility to go studying at universities across Europe. In total 300 scholarships have been granted as part of the OESS and ESSYB higher education programmes funded by the European Union. Inha Lindarenka received a scholarship from the ESSYB programme and went to study her master’s degree in United Kingdom.

While studying Media, Communications and Critical Practice at the University of Arts London, at London College of Communication (LCC) Department, her major study topics were Economics and Media, Analysis of Contemporary Media, and Visual Culture.

Inha Lindarenka entered LCC having 5 years of professional background in media and cultural management. Therefore, while selecting a master’s course, she was looking for an opportunity that would allow her not only to expand her knowledge in media and communications but also to gain political and analytical expertise as well as a deeper insight into new theories and trends.

Inha remembers her first days at LCC where she was impressed by the atmosphere of intelligent creativity. From the topics of LCC events to the final shows of graduates – everything was problematising the contemporary reality and emphasising the possibility of positive change. She enjoyed the academic work and graduated from the University as the best student of her course having a diploma with distinction.

After her studies she has a much better understanding of contemporary state of media, communications and their role in shaping the world we live in. Inha says that the course improved her critical thinking and provided her with knowledge that made her not only a better professional but also a better thinker. 

Moreover, the international experience she gained during her studies abroad helps her to see the local context in a global dimension and to make parallels with other contexts. She is currently involved in the realisation of international human rights and cultural projects. However, Inha accumulate experience and ideas to launch her own initiatives.