ESSYB student publishes a book about Associative Thinking


Since 2011 Belarusians youth has been offered a chance to go studying at universities across Europe. In total 300 scholarships have been granted as part of the OESS and ESSYB higher education programmes funded by the European Union. One of the students who received a scholarship from the ESSYB programme is Volha Furs.

She studied media management in Finland, at University of Tampere and her min study subjects were Media, Advertising, PR and Marketing. Volha says that during her studies abroad she considerably improved her English and writing skills. She became more open to new ideas and learned a lot about start-ups, innovation, collaboration, artificial intelligence, design and graphic arts.

Volha also loved the diversity and multicultural environment at the university, which was like a fertile soil for new ideas, innovation and creative problem solving. With the help of her studies she realized what she really wants to do in her life, she met new people and participated in various projects, learned about life abroad and other countries, realized the importance of multicultural environment, experienced severe period of adaptation, extended her mind and impression about the world and what is most important – grew as a person.

Volha says that ESSYB programme has changed her life and accelerated her professional development, because without it she wouldn’t be able to afford to study in Finland and participate in the projects she took part in. For example, she became a co-author of a book “Ideas Anywhere: The Power of Associations”, which is decorated with Volha’s illustrations.

You can find Volha’s book here: